After reality doing MTV's "Makin the Band" and being apart of Diddy's boy group Day 26, Que Mosely is emerging back on the scene with a new single entiltied Melody. Que stated in an recent interview with Angie B, that he changed his name from Que to Anthony Q as a way and I quote to "recreate himself". Now he's still pursuing what he's always loved, the music. Q, who

is now an independent solo artist, says he loves the freedom of being an Indie artist. Being able to go into the studio whenever he wants and being more active in his business dealings is advantage that most don't have with a major label. Angie B from All Girl Talk Radio recently did a phone interview with Anthony Q to discuss his newest single, his album, and his plans for the future.

Angie B: Well my first question that I have for you is about
your recent name change. I see that you recently changed your name from Que to
Anthony Q now, what’s going on with the name change?

Anthony Q:  I changed
my name because I wanted to recreate myself in a way, so you know everybody
knows me as Q or basically Que Mosely, so I just basically took my middle name
which is Anthony and put in in front of the Q just to kind of reinvent  myself. Cause a lot of people when they hear
my music be like “Yo, I didn’t know that he could sing like that, I didn’t know
he was so talented and that gifted, so when I saw those responses I was like I
should change my name and recreate myself totally

Angie B: Before you even did the show “Makin the Band” with
Diddy and before Day 26, what were you doin?

Anthony Q: Before I got into the group I was in college, I
went to this college called Five Towns College in Long Island, NY and there I
studied music business and audio engineering. I wanted to get close to the City
because it’s always been my passion and dream to become a singer. So I figured
if I go to school for engineering or music business that I would learn that
craft and I’ll be able to get in the doors other ways and meet some people and
they could see I could sing because you never know what doors can open.  Then the second semester they put out
auditions about “Makin the Band” in New York City so I caught the train, did
the audition, and got blessed.

Angie B: Are you still on the label with Bad Boy or are you
on your own now?

Anthony Q:  Right now
I’m doing everything independently. I’m not with Bad Boy, I’m not with Atlantic
Records, so I am doing everything independently and a lot of major labels have
been in contact with me and my team. They’re vey interested and they wanna see my
numbers and what’s going on with Que. So that’s what I’ve been doing providing
all that information for them.

Angie B: Any particular label you thinking about signing

Anthony Q: I could give some names, but I might get in
trouble (laughs) and you know when you speak too soon about the situation
sometimes it don’t come through.

Angie B: Being that you have both the experience with
working with a major label and now you’re an independent artist; what’s your
opinion or being and independent artist vs. with a major label?

Anthony Q: Well first of all I have a lot of creative
control as far as my music and my brand. As far as music, when I hear songs
that I really, really like I’m able to go into the studio and record whenever I
want  and not have to go through a record
label to get their opinion I can just go in there and do everything myself. As
far as the money, anything or any money or business matters that need to be
handled, I’m always there so I know what’s going on 100% so that’s a plus.
Being with a major record label or being in a group you don’t get all the
information. So I’m able to get all my information as far as my brand now.

Angie B: What’s the greatest lesson that you learned from the
whole experience with “makin the Band” , Day 26, and Diddy?

Anthony Q: My greatest lesson from “Makin the Band” the TV
show w I would say from re-watching it, I learned a lot about myself. I just
learned a lot, I was young so I never looked at myself the way I look at myself
now, so  I was like “Yo, that was crazy”.
But it was a great experience and I don’t regret anything. I learned a whole
lot about the business especially being around Puffy and seeing how he runs his
business. I just learned how to stay on top of things. I learned that the
business is not an emotional game, you can’t be emotional. Also being around so
many great producers Brian Michael Cox, Rico Love, etc. I was musically
inclined a whole lot

Angie B: Now let’s talk about your new single “Melody”.  Is that also the name of your album?

Anthony Q:  No, it’s
not the name of my album, but it may be because everyone seems to love that

Angie B:  Do you write
any of your music?

Anthony Q:  I am
writing a lot of my music for this album, I teamed up with a writer named Ryan
Hirt from Atlanta and he’s a really dope writer, he helps me with some of my
songs I writer and as far as producers for the album, some of them are up and
coming producers some of their names are J Leron, Grams and a team of my
friends from college called The Vamp. We all have been putting it together. You
know sometimes it’s better to reach out to up and coming just like you because
you might find a sound there that you won’t be able to find  in a producer who’s already out there making
major money.

Angie B: So you’re still working on the album can you tell
me if there will be any hot features on the album?

Anthony Q:  Yes, I’m
still working on the album, I have some special features but I don’t wanna put
any names out there yet until we really start promoting the album. Right now
we’re just promoting the single. The fans can be anticipating something between
April and May as fas as the album.                

Angie B: Who would you like to work with in the industry
whether it be an Indie artist or a major artist?

Anthony Q: I used to say everyone, but I recently sat down
and did some research on some singers and female wise I would like to work with
Brandy. I’m a big fan of Jo Jo and Tank. I’m also a big fan of the girls from
Dirty Money, Kalenna and Dawn, also Chris Brown and Miguel ans if it happens
Beyonce’. It’s all dreams but hopefully they will come true. I know that if I
keep putting out really, really good music that those doors could possibly open
because I really believe in my brand, I believe I have a really good sound. I
believe my music is like thereapy to my listeners    

Angie B: Well Que you know all the ladies wanna know, is Que
single at the moment?

Anthony Q:  Currently
I’m in a relationship with my music.

Angie B: Being that you have some TV experience from the
show, do you forsee yourself doing another realty show or venturing off into

Anthony Q:  I wouldn’t
wanna necessarily do another realoty show, however if a network came to me
interested I wouldn’t just tell them no, but I don’t wanna do another
personal  realty TV show where people are
so caught up in your personal life. If it was just about the music and the
music only I really wouldn’t care. I really just want my fans and people who
don’t know me but will get to know me to love my music I don’t want then to
know me personally I want them to be all about my music. If you like me or if
you don’t, you don’t just as long as you like my music, that’s  all that matters.

Angie B: Speaking of your personal life, how much of your
personal life do you put into your music?

Anthony Q:  Well
everyday I’m in the studio or doing an interview or talking about music so I
would say that all my time is consumed by music unless I’m with my family. It’s
how I gotta eat.

Angie B:  Will you’re
album have a lot of ballads or upbeat songs as well?

Anthony Q: Well we wanted to do 10 R&B songs and we
wanted to crossover and do 10 pop songs, but ofcourse the R&B songs are
gonna be mostly ballads, I mean we may have a couple uptemp  bangers, but for the most part I’m working
ballads as far as the R&B side of it because I want people to hear my
singing and feel my view. When ever they’re going through something I want them
to be able to play my music and it heals them.

Angie B: Now let’s say if you were’nt doing music, what
would you be doing?

Anthony Q:  That’s a
good question. I probably would be in the entertainment industry somewhere. I
went to high school, a school of arts, I studied drama there as well as dance,
so I probably would be somewhere dancing or trying to pursue my career as an entertainer.

Angie B: What advice would you give to another young man or
woman trying to get into this industry? We all know how hard it can be so what
would you say to someone that may be looking at a lot of closed doors?

Anthony Q: First I would tell them to believe in themselves
and have faith. That’s how I go ino the music industry through my faith and
believing in myself. I would tell them to keep pushing even when doors are
being closed because if you have that grain of faith that will get you through
and everything will fall in place.

Thank You Anthony Q for coming through to talk with us. We
look forward to your solo career and your music. Follow Anthony Q on Twitter
@Que_thafuture  or on Facebook QwanellAnthony         

Listen the entire interview here: 

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