Supporting Indie Artists: Angie B and Mr. Bush Talk Hip Hop in Recent Interview

Mr. Bush hit the scene at the young age of just 13. Bush, who's originally from Lexington, Kentucky but now lives in Alabama, first started out with a group called "UTG" in high school in 2003. The group split a few years later at which time Bush enlisted into the US Army. Bush has since traveled the world twice and also has given back to his country by completing his duty in Iraq.  In 2000 Bush signed with Firstborn Entertainment, the company that he founded. He has since collaborated with many indie artists and labels such as 65Max Entertainment, Money Baggs Entertainment, and Southern Stiles Records. The deal was made official in 2011 when he partnered up with CEO Ronald Henderson of 65Max Entertainment. This deal was designed to bring Firstborn Fullgrind Entertainment into different regions of the US. Bush has worked with and produced many promising artist that circulated throughout a "WIDE" region. He has produced albums such as (Ky Style) which was released in Germany. His new single the (Re-Up) will be another next level creative introduction to hip hop music. Bush plans to release his next project single entitled (The Re-Up) in the coming months. He feels that this single will definitely set the trail for his next release set to follow this single for real fans of Hip Hop.

Mr Bush took the time to do a phone interview with Angie B from Da Grahynd Radio to talk a little about what's he's going currently.

Angie B: Tell us a little about you. Who exactly is Mr. Bush?

Mr. Bush: Well my “government” name is Randle Bush but I go by Mr. Bush. I’ve been rapping and writing music since the age of 13. I started writing after I first heard  LL cool J’s “I’m Bad”  I was in a group called APB in 1991 when I was still in high school. After high school I enlisted in the Army and after serving in Iraq fir sometime I finished my duty 2002. Even before getting out of the Military, music was always something I loved. I even put out an album while I was stationed in Germany. After serving in the military I started to pursue my music career full-time.  

Angie B: Being that you have experience serving in the Military, do you care to talk about what your experience was like. Do you recommend other young men to enlist?

Mr. Bush: Well it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I wouldn't personally recommend for any young man to enlist in the army, however I would recommend going into the Air Force. It can really be a good experience and you do get to meet a lot of great people.

Angie B: Seeing that you’ve been in the game starting quite young, other than LL, who are some other music influences you have?

Mr. Bush: Poor Righteous Teachers, Tupac, Biggie and today thise like Ludacris, Nas and biggups to Dr Dre.

Angie B: Tell us a little bit about your business Bush Enterprises. What’s the vision for your biz and your radio show “Street Vibes”?

Mr. Bush: Well my vision is to help support other Indie music artists and young men aspiring to get in this game. My company teaches about the ins and outs of this business. We not only make music but we give back by educating about piracy and keeping your music protected. My radio show was born out of that idea to get more Indie artists exposure to help elevate their listenership. I partnered with a guy from California named Ronald Henderson who was well established already in the business and we both had the same vision, to help Indie artists

Angie B: What was your motivation for your single “Back to the Basics?”

Mr. Bush: My mix-tape “Back to the Basics” was just a showcase of Hip Hop. My music specifically is diverse because Hip Hop itself is all about diversity and story telling and that’s what I bring in my music.

Angie B: Now do you produce your own music or who do you work with, and who would you want to work with in this industry?

Mr. Bush: I do produce some of my music. I also work with a producer named Y G, who’s helped to produce quite a few of my albums.

Angie B: What advice would you give to other young artists who are trying to make it in this game and doing it independently?  

Mr. Bush: I would tell them to stay humble and never give up. Education is also very important. I would also tell them to keep their music protected and not have to learn the hard way like I did. I actually had a song stolen from me one time, and being that I lacked knowledge about how to protect myself, there was nothing I could really do about it.

Angie B: What do you think about the state where Hip Hop is today?

Mr. Bush: I think there’s still a lot of talent in the game right now. I do know that there are many Indie and Underground artists that are just as talented as mainstream artists, but lack the resources to make themselves well known.

Angie B: So where can we find Mr. Bush now days? Are you on Twitter or Facebook?
Mr. Bush: Yes you can find me on FB at and on Twitter at!/Bush1312.


We appreciate you talking to me today and we look forward to your future projects.

Posted By: Angie B

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