Wendy Williams Breaks Down

Wendy Williams breaks down the other morning on her show when she spoke about Whitney Houston and what "bonded" them together. Wendy revealed on that show that she has had prior problems with drug abuse in her own life and that she's been clean for the last 15 years. For someone that puts everybody else business in the streets, she sure kept that secret under wraps. I honestly felt Wendy I have to admit. I feel she showed true compassion for Whitney and she displayed raw and uncut emotion. To you Wendy: I don't think you really understand what you did for many people. What you displayed that day on your show was your own healing and hopefully so many others.

I love the part in the video when Wendy says, "I have no regrets....had I not gone through that I would not be the woman I am today". POWERFUL!!!! I hate to take you to church but "Who the Son sets free is free indeed". I feel that Wendy is free and a heavy burden has been lifted off of her as well as our sister Whitney Houston. I'm not a a big fan of Wendy, I mean I don't dislike her but you have to see the spirit in people...we are all human and we make mistakes but it takes a hellva person to admit to the world their own wrongs. I salute you Wendy!

What are your thoughts about her words?

Posted By:Angie B

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