~Month of Extraordinary Black Men~Tonight's Show Special Guest: Author and Motivational Speaker Jovan Roseboror




Jovan D. Roseboro is a native of Columbus County, N.C. He is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper that has demonstrated his selfless service through being a voluntary member of one of our Nations armed services and through his commitment to the community through his remarkable writings and community building speaking engagements.  He is the author of The Only One That Can Stop Me Is Me, a self help book that has touched the hearts and minds of thousands of people across international lines.  The growing success of Mr. Roseboros book is due to his tenacious approach and diligence to Go Beyond Whats Expected.   Upon completion of his book in 2007, he relentlessly sold thousands of copies without the help of major distribution.  Jovan Roseboro hustled his audio book out the trunk of his car between NC to the ATL.  Shortly thereafter, his determination was noticed by a New York publisher, who published The Only One That Can Stop Me Is Me, print version in the summer of 2008.  Jovan explains in simple terms how he was able to improve his life and how anyone can improve their present circumstances.  It is an eye-opening and riveting pocket-size book filled with hope, encouragement and empowerment for self-improvement.  This young man practices what he preaches.  His determination, faith, and willingness to sacrifice,   allowed him to complete a selfless journey on foot from Fayetteville, N.C to Washington D.C to inspire others to help others. (see WALK for details)


Jovan D. Roseboro is a dynamic speaker.  His ability to inspire and connect with multiple audiences is a remarkable quality that separates Mr. Roseboro from typical speakers.  He delivers exciting messages that will leave any audience filled with enthusiasm and determination.  His story will take you from the harsh reality of going down the wrong path to the ever-encouraging and universal message that Change Is Possible for all.  From selling drugs in a small community to becoming a Drum Major for Hope and Change,  Mr. Roseboro demonstrates that we are all capable of contributing more, especially in our ever changing communities, nation and global environment.



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