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Janet Hubert Slams Wendy Williams: ‘You Crucified Whitney The Whole Time She Was Alive’

If you watched the Wendy Williams show last week, you probably witnessed Wendy’s breakdown as she talked about Whitney Houston’s death and their shared history of drug use. She also made a vow to her audience that she would not talk about Whitney on the show in the weeks after she was laid to rest. Well, the original ‘Aunt Viv’ of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Janet Hubert, is saying ‘Cry Me A river Wendy’. She definitely hasn’t forgotten all of the years that Wendy has dragged Whitney on her radio show nor has she forgotten Wendy’s infamous radio interview with Whitney. So she decided to give Wendy a piece of her mind in an open letter that she penned after watching Wendy break down in tears on her show.

In it, she wrote:

You said that morning with tears in your eyes, that you would not discuss Whitney any further, but you crucified her the whole time she was alive, as you do so many people on your show. I want to ask you why?  What do you get out of this besides money?

How do you sleep at night knowing that you are one of the biggest bullies in the world disguised as HOT TOPICS? Celebrities are not topics we are people, just like everyone else, we hurt and we hear and we bleed real blood, not fake blood, just as you do.

How do we as parents teach our children to honor each other, treat each other with kindness when all they see are images of people like you who condone and promote meanness, rude reality TV stars, and  your opinion as you berate world renowned people like Janet Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others  you slam on a daily basis.

I keep asking myself why no one is saying anything about this. What the hell are they afraid of?  Where are my sisters out there who feel as I do?

Well Wendy, I try to teach my son to stand up, shout, and scream when there is injustice.  Yeah yeah, I know, I have been screaming for years and will continue to do so as long as there are images that depict black women as neck shaking, over bearing women who can’t get along.

A sister, a mother, a daughter, a star, left this world way too early; she was loved by the world. The world mourned, I don’t think that we needed you to try and take down another brilliant sister on that following Monday morning. (Your rude comments about Janet Jackson).

You started right back up without hesitation or pause… you need to stop Wendy. We need to stop, and the world needs to stop. I need to stop as well. There will be no more quotes from me to be misquoted.  We need to join together, wrap our arms around our children, everybody’s children. Remember you have a child who will suffer every slingshot and arrow that gets thrown back at you Wendy; our public lives greatly affect our children.

I know I am going to suffer some arrows for writing this letter to you, I know you are loved by many, but remember this Wendy; they love you when you are up and they love to take you down. You will not always be up, you will not always be on the A list and attend all the parties. Ride the wave sister girl, but make sure you know how to swim when the ride is over.  Artists are survivors, we work hard to build our crafts and careers and I ask that you simply remember that in the future.

I’m just sayin’ it like l mean it too.

Janet didn’t blame the mudslinging entirely on Wendy. She also revealed how she felt about the internet (blogs, etc) and how it plays a role in celebrity lives as well:

The Internet has become somewhat like the 10 commandments, and this is why… whatever is posted or commented on… is forever written in stone. Neither I nor anybody can stop anyone from making up stories, reviews, lies etc, cutting and pasting whatever they decide to put together like a bad buffet breakfast.

The Internet is indeed the information highway, but it can also be “a Forum of Hate.”

So I posted this blog about Wendy and actually felt for Wendy but know she gets backlash

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