On Pillow Talk Live Tonight! AGTR Speaks With Jake & Papa (formerly of the group Brutha)

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Papa & Jacob Harrell were simply born to sing. Growing up in a home threaded with the love of music & a mother who encouraged their dreams, they entered their first talent show at the tender ages of 4 & 5, performing “Jump” by Kriss Kross. It’s safe to say that day the path to tread had been chosen. Jake&Papa continued to hone their talents through adolescence creating original music and tuning their voices into true instruments.
Joining forces with their older brothers they created the R&B group Brutha and with the guidance of their Uncle Drano landed an audition with Def Jam executive Shakir Stewart who signed them on the spot. Immediately, work began on their self-titled debut album which held hits such as “I Can’t Hear the Music” & “She’s Gone”. As they prepared for the debut, the brothers shared their life with the world as stars of one of the top rated reality shows on BET Brothers to Brutha. With a hit TV show & an album that definitely held its own it would seem as if the goal had been reached. That is, until the untimely death of Shakir Stewart shifted the course. Though the brotherly love was present, creative differences pulled the brothers in different directions making it time to move on. Realizing that the dream started as Jake&Papa, that’s where the siblings decided it should return.
Relentless in their pursuit of musical success, weathering the storms of countless life changing situations, Jake&Papa arrive like a phoenix to deliver their debut project: Destination Short Stay II. The duo chose to work with a close knit musical team to create & brand a style that is indeed all their own. Taking you away with erotic rhythmic tunes like “African Drum”, serenading you with the beautiful “Pretty Heartbeat”, enchanting you with the harmonious & melodic blends on “Realm”, and then taunting you sexily with “Still Mine”, the brothers have definitely unveiled the perfect getaway. So download it, grab a special friend, pack light & enjoy your Destination Short Stay II & be on the lookout for what’s next. If the guys have proved anything, it’s that they will not be stopped!!
Bio via http://www.jakeandpapa.com


Twitter: @IamJake_JP
Birthday: October 28
Height: 6'0"
Fav Food: My granny's gumbo
Turn Ons: Humility, sense of humor, depth, a woman that's driven and motivated, family oriented with a relationship with God, and a woman who keeps her body fit and can keep up with me
Turn Offs: Pessimistic women, bouji women
Pet Peeves: Bouji people! And Fake people!

Twitter: @PAPAgandaJP
Birthday: February 1
Height: 5'10"
Fav Food: Soul Food, Chinese, Seafood, Japanese
Turn Ons: Strong minded women, fashion forward with a passion for art & music
Turn Offs: Bad hygiene, no drive, close minded
Pet Peeves: Being called a liar, cabinets left open, back seat drivers, extra'd out, extreme thinking
Join the Ladies of All Girl Talk Radio as they Welcome Jake & Papa (formerly of the group Brutha) to Tonight's Show! Listen Live here @9 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allgirltalk007

Destination Short Stay II by JakeAndPapa

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