Raz B Drops New Video-- "Na Na Na"

Ya boy Raz B is back on the scene with his new single and video for "Na Na Na". Just released Wednesday night and it trended on Twitter for a few hours. Raz B has been working hard to come back and go hard on his music after all the drama that he's been through. Actually the song isn't that bad, but I wanna hear from you.

Raz B is ready to get freaky and he's letting it all out in this Rated R video...a few lines from the song--
I can work your body real nice and slow.
Imma get it, give it, take it to the flo!
Don’t need to rush. Imma take you there.
Imma grab your [expletive] pull you by your hair.”

 18 years + Please....LOL

What do you think? Jam It or Slam It?

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